Document Security

Solutions to protect your business against data breaches and liability

Safeguards for your physical and digital documents

Modern technology has given criminals and scammers new ways to exploit your digital assets, but physical documents are also at increased risk. Paper documents can be digitized and copied ad infinitum, opening up another vector for data breaches. But if you partner with SBS, we’ll deploy multiple layers of security to protect all of your documents, regardless of type. With the threat of data breach eliminated, you’ll be able to increase productivity and work with confidence.

With Digital Document solutions from SBS, you can:

Secure Mobile Access to Documents

Keep data private, no matter where it is accessed from

Thoroughly Destroy Documents

Encryption and overwrite for digital documents, complete shredding for hard copies

Easily Control Document Access

Set who can access specified documents and when they can be accessed

Monitor Access History

Full visibility into your access history and detailed reporting