Cloud Computing

Cutting-edge cloud computing without the hassle and high costs

The cloud has revolutionized the way organizations conduct business by improving security, employee mobility, collaboration, and agility while reducing hardware and energy costs. But there are a lot of options to sift through, and maintaining the advantages that the cloud provides is also a time-consuming effort.

Partner with SBS, and you’ll get the advantages of a cloud computing environment without hassle and excessive resources needed to design, install, and maintain one. We’ll analyze your organization to determine its needs, then set up a cloud system that matches your business goals and budget constraints. We’ll also perform all of the maintenance and monitor your cloud infrastructure for issues so that it always operates at peak performance.

With Cloud Computing Services from SBS you get:
  • Increased Mobility – access apps and data from any device, from anywhere there is internet
  • Enhanced Collaboration – your employees can edit and share documents in real time for increased productivity
  • Trusted Brands – our industry partnerships give you access to the finest products at the best possible prices
  • Reduced Costs – with a cloud-based infrastructure, you won’t need to buy, maintain, and power traditional, space-wasting servers
  • Better Security – your data and apps are hosted in a fortified data center, safe from any cyberattack or natural disaster