Network Design and Installation

Efficient network architecture makes for an efficient business

You might not think about it much, but the physical set up of your office IT network has a direct impact on its performance as well as your workforce’s. A poorly designed or installed network leads to slow internet speeds, excess power consumption, crowded and cluttered office spaces, and more. Creating an efficient network requires extensive knowledge and experience, as well as a lot of time and resources, so ensure yours is done right the first time.

SBS’s network architects can customize a workplace network that meets your needs and reduces your monthly costs. Not only will you improve efficiency and productivity, but you’ll also have more space to work with and fewer wires tripping up your employees. We’ll design your network right the first time, so you can enjoy its benefits for years to come, without expensive overhauls.

With Network Design and Installation services from SBS you get:
  • A tidier and more spacious workplace with less clutter and reduced accident risk
  • Reduced energy and cooling costs from more efficient cabling and wiring
  • Faster, more efficient, more reliable networks that increase employee productivity
  • Fast, friendly, and seamless installation from our certified experts
  • A network customized to your business’s unique needs and requirements