Data Backup and Recovery

A data contingency plan for any disaster

Financial records, customer information, and other kinds of vital data are the lifeblood of your business. Unfortunately, there is an infinite number of potential disasters capable of destroying it, such as fire, flood, hardware failure, cybercrime, or burglary. But with modern technology, you can now have backup copies of all your data automatically stored safely at an off-site data center.

If you need to protect your business from the unexpected, partner with SBS. We’ll install fast, automated, and unobtrusive backup software that creates and stores up-to-date copies of your apps and files in state-of-the-art data centers. Our consultants will also create a recovery plan that explains exactly how your business can get back to full operations fast.

With Data Backup and Recovery services from SBS you get:
  • Peace of Mind –— nothing will knock your operations out for long, so you can grow with confidence
  • Secure Backups – we store your files and apps in a high-security data center and regularly test their integrity
  • Lower Risk – we’ll ensure that any disruption to your operations is minimal, so your bottom line stays strong
  • Up-to-Date Data – weekly, daily, or even hourly backups restore everything to exactly the way it was